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Search Optimizations (SEO and SEM) and Social Networks

Why should you choose us to manage your promotion on search engines and social networks?

If you have ever worked with agencies or technicians, you understand the difficulty that arises countless times in defining, delimiting and integrating the scope of activity of those who created the website, manage its hosting and promote it on Google, Facebook or Instagram. It would probably be useful to have the same team working on all aspects that concern your digital presence and promotion, from technical solutions, maintenance and prevention and also promotion.

Well, that’s our biggest differentiator. With a small but multidisciplinary team, we ensure the creation, management and maintenance of all aspects of your digital presence, allowing you to benefit from a broad and complete view of all digital media, mechanisms and indicators, from website hosting , creation, and updating of it, optimization in search engines and promotion of it on search and social networks.

Our solutions integrate because they are developed from scratch to make this happen. We are a Global, 360 solution for everything you need in the digital field.

SEO Management and Digital Marketing services can encompass

Definition and parameterization of channels to be used according to a defined strategy. What are the channels:

Organic: Google Analytics + Search Console + Server Measurements + Website + Integration with Linkedin, Facebook and Youtube Profiles/Groups/Pages
Paid: Google Ads + Facebook Ads & Pixel + Linkedin Ads integration
Complementary: Newsletters + Landing Pages

  • Continuous monitoring and maintenance of channels
  • Content creation (campaigns, advertisements, publications, newsletters, …)
  • Competition analysis and monitoring
  • Proactive participation in the design and implementation of the SEO and SEM strategy
  • Critical analysis and interpretation
  • Custom Reports

What to take into account

Basic technological instruments to generate and measure traffic:

  • Hosting: Is it safe? Will it allow me to monitor traffic? Does it allow me to manage DNS zones and add records easily? Do you have traffic limits?
  • Website: Is it safe? Does it meet GDPR requirements? Does it allow you to monitor traffic? What function is it optimized for? Sales, Branding, Content Distribution, Operational Process Management?
  • Organic Positioning: Where, how and to whom does my website appear now? Do I want it to appear differently? Do I want it to appear to other audiences? Do I want to increase short, medium or long term traction?

Once you decide to implement paid campaigns:

  • Campaigns (Duration, Ad Groups, Maximum Daily Costs)
  • Ad Groups (How many, At what times, On what days, For whom (Geographically and Demographically), with what landing pages, With what message, with what keywords, only google or with partner networks and display)
  • Monitoring and adjustments: can we define conversion metrics? Are we able to value them, are we able to monitor and adjust parameters based on results? How frequently?

Basic concepts and methodologies

Leveraging metrics and data for complementary channels and Organic reinforcement:

  • Can we use collected results for alternative digital media? (Example: adjustments to website communication, newsletter, physical communication at points of sale, etc.)
  • What complementary or competing actions should be triggered after campaigns? (Ex.: Newsletters, campaigns in physical media, SMS broadcast, outbound campaigns)
  • When I stop campaigning, what effect does it produce organically?