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Organic SEO Promotion

Table of Organic, Paid SEO and Promotion tools

Google Analytics




Creation or management of a Google account.

Association of Google products (ADS, AdSense and others).

Monthly reports with data interpretation and traffic results (per campaign).

Property creation (GA4).

Integration with external platforms.

Weekly Reports (4 Monthly).

Definition of Objectives, Channel and Metrics.

Corrections to existing accounts.

Daily reports (Dashboard in backend + 4 offline) Only customers with GISP platforms.

Integration with GISP platforms for backend monitoring.

Initial account parameterization.

Campaign loading and payment costs paid directly to Google.

Monitoring, adjustments and final reports per campaign.

Creation and parameterization of the first campaign.

Administrative processing and download of Google invoices.

Ad creation with associated parameters.

Creation and first ad/ad group configuration.

Creating ad groups (up to 4), adjusting smart ads and tracking results.

Audience parameterization, type of ads, and cost limitations

Google Network




Creation and parameterization of Google My Business.

Content creation for platforms.

Monthly Report and placement of/up to 1 monthly campaign.

Creation of first campaign on GMB.

Design and content creation.

Additional campaigns/ads.

Creation of a YouTube Channel.

Creation of final arts for channel customization.

Monthly Report via Youtube Studio.

Loading initial videos (up to 3).

Video design.

Loading and parameterization of additional videos.

Other Organics




Setup of broadcast mail and/or relationship marketing tools (YLMP, SENDINBLUE or MailChimp).

Licensing costs and subscribed plans, integration on sites other than GISP.

Campaign with content provided by the client.

Global Parameterization of Metatags, Tracking Codes or Tracking Labels.

Only available for platforms based on WordPress or GISP upon provision of a user with administration privileges.

Dynamic or static Landing Page creation with insertion of tracking codes and own subdomain.

Hosting and domain costs, see GISP WEB table.

Introduction and parameterization of Facebook Pixel on e-commerce platforms.

Only includes integration on the website on Woocomerce and GISP Store platforms.

FACEBOOK Plugin or API parameterization for creating an automatic Store on Facebook and Instagram and confirming the synchronization of products, collections and prices.

Only available for GISP STORE platforms.